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Globally Recognized Qualifications

Informatics qualifications are Internationally recognized by Universities and the Global Industry

Employability of Graduates

Creating Highly Employable Graduates, is the core of any Informatics Qualification

Industry Focused Curriculum

Informatics programme curriculums are regularly updated and Industry focused

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty and the facility is ranked among the best in the industry nurturing tomorrows professionals

Strategically Located Campus

We are located in the heart of the capital city with the best learning facility to give you a lasting learning experience

Affordable Luxury

We provide qualifications with highest standards with global recognition, yet making it an affordable investment for your future.

Informatics Advantage

An Informatics Graduate is empowered with Employable and workplace essential skills to succeed in a Global Career.
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Exam NOTICE..!

Entry cards are ready for T2-2015 final exam.
please come and collect your entry cards before 2nd August.
Exams are starting from 3rd August 2015.